Who Will Take The Message To The Fields

Who will take the message to the fields so white?
Who will shine for Jesus where there is no light?
‘Tis the Master calleth, we must not delay;
Precious souls are dying-who will go today?

I will take the message, I will go today,
For his love constraineth and I cannot stay;
All is on the altar Jesus sets me free;
Gladly, O my Savior, I will go; send me!

Who will take the message of redeeming love,
Point the lost to Jesus, to the home above?
Millions now are pleading for the living bread;
Will you, O my brother, go in Jesus’ stead? [Chorus]

Who will take the message, all the truth proclaim,
Free and full salvation in his holy name?
Pardon, year, and cleansing from all sin for aye!
Who will bear this message, who will go today? [Chorus]