Who Your Guilt Can Bear Away

Who your guilt can bear away,
Turn your night to glorious day,
help you tread the golden way?
Only One.

He’s the One, the only One
Who can lift you to the throne;
Trust the merits of God’s Son:
He’s the One.

Who your spirit can inspire?
Who can quell each vain desire?
Who can lift you high and high’r?
Only One. [Chorus]

Who can dissipate the gloom,
Turn away the sinner’s doom,
With his light your soul illume?
Only One. [Chorus]

Who can for your sins atone?
Who can keep you all his own,
Make your heart his royal throne?
Only One. [Chorus]

Who can wash away the stain
Till no trace of guilt remain,
Help you glory to attain?
Only One. [Chorus]