Whoever Will The Message Hear

“Whoever will” the message hear,
‘Twill fill with joy and banish fear;
Tho’ often told I tell it now,
“Tis free! ’tis free! ’tis free! drink thou!

Drink! drink! drink! come, thirsting soul and drink!
Come! come! come! come to the water’s brink!
‘Tis free! free! free for you and me!
“whoever will” may come and drink!
O drink! drink! drink!

“Whoever will” may now draw near,
The fountain flows, ’tis full and clear;
Millions of souls are satisfied,
It flows! it flows! no ebbing tide. [Refrain]

“Whoever will” thy soul shall know,
The strength, the pow’r, the cleansing flow;
The peace, the joy , ’twill give to thee,
‘Tis life! ’tis life! for you and me. [Refrain]

“Whoever will” thine eyes shall see
The glories of eternity;
Behold our God, the throne, the King,
And evermore rejoice and sing. [Refrain]