Wholl Be Sowing Wholl Be Sowing

Who’ll be sowing, who’ll be sowing,
Sowing precious golden grain,
In the valley, on the hillside,
Wide across the fertile plain?

Who’ll be sowing, who’ll be sowing,
Who’ll be wowing precious golden grain?
Sowing, reaping, sowing, reaping,
Sowing, reaping golden grain?

Who’ll be sowing seeds of kindness
Right and left along the way,
At the home hearth, by the sick couch,
Here and there where’er we stray? [Refrain]

Who’ll be sowing deeds of mercy,
Sowing through life’s checkered vale,
Love and honor, virtue, goodness,
Mighty truth that must prevail? [Refrain]

May we all be sowing, reaping,
Only best of life’s fair yield,
So that, in the final harvest,
We may reap in heaven’s bright field. [Refrain]