Wholl Enroll His Name In The Army Of The

Who’ll enroll his name in the army of the King?
Who will sign a life-enlistment, and his full allegiance bring?
For the cause demands ev’ry noble gift and power;
Who will follow after Jesus? who’ll begin this very hour?

Put my name on the list of the army of the King,
To fight His royal battles, and His glory sing;
And when the sunset bells shall their final vict’ry ring,
I’ll have a joyful welcome in the palace of the King.

Who will wield the sword of the Spirit, strong and true?
Who will join the royal army, and the Leader’s bidding go?
Who will take the shield of the faith that’s sure to win,
And the “helmet of salvation,” in the warfare wages with sin? [Refrain]

Who are on the side of the good, the true, the pure?
Who will raise the mighty standard? who will to the end endure?
Who will march, or halt, as the trumpet-call shall sound?
Who will bear the cross for Jesus, till with starry light he’s crowned? [Refrain]