Whoso Heareth And Doeth These Sayings

Whoso heareth and doeth “these sayings of mine,”
I will liken to one, who thro’ storm and thro’ shine,
His house wisely guilds on the firm rock below,
And safe there abides, when the fierce tempests blow.

O blessed Foundation! O tried Cornerstone!
So earnestly longed for, and sought by earth’s sages!
On thee will I build, in thee trust alone,
Thou blessed Redeemer, Thou Rock of the Ages.

Whoso heareth and scorneth “theses sayings of mine,”
Is foolishly building thro’ storm and thro’ shine,
His house on the sand, and ’twill speedily fall,
When the rain shall descend, and the tempest shall fall. [Refrain]

Art thou foolish or wise, O, brother of mine?
Art thou heeding thy Savior, thro’ storm and thro’ shine?
On the rock or the sand, oh, tell me, I pray,
On which art thou building thy dwelling each day? [Refrain]