Whoso Offers Praise Glorifies The Master

Whoso offers praise glorifies the Master,
Jesus, “Friend of sinners,” Christ, the Son of God,
Him that gave Himself, for our souls a ransom,
For us made atonement with His precious blood.

Praise Him! Praise Him!
Once crucified, “alive forevermore!”
Praise Him! Praise Him!
Let us glorify Him and His name adore!

Whoso offers praise glorifies the Master,
Surely He is worthy to receive our praise;
Once our Sacrifice, now our King in glory,
Joyful songs of adoration let us raise. [Chorus]

Praise Him for His love, boundless, everlasting,
Praise Him for His mercy unto such as we;
Praise Him for His peace, passing understanding,
Praise Him for the grace that saves and makes us free. [Chorus]

Saved from endless death! praise for us is comely,
Heirs of life eternal! How can we but sing?
Kept from day to day by His pow’r almighty,
Let us praise and glorify our Savior-King! [Chorus]