Whosoever Saith The Lord And Pardon

“Whosoever,” saith the Lord,
And pardon for my sins I see;
For I believe and trust his word,
And “whosoever” must mean me.

The word of God hath spoken
In promises unbroken,
And pardon for my sins I see;
There’s light on Calv’ry’s mountain,
And life in Calv’ry’s fountain,
And then there’s “whosoever,” and that means me!

Nothing but myself I bring,
And of my wins would pardoned be;
So, weeping, to thy cross I cling,
For “whosoever” must mean me. [Refrain]

Should I fail to know his grace,
Or turn away from Calv’ry’s tree,
I’ll cry, while looking in his face,
That “whosoever” still means me. [Refrain]

Open then, O pearly gates,
And let my ransomed soul come in,
My Saviour for my coming waits,
His blood has covered all my sin. [Refrain]