Whosoever Will Whosoever Will Hear

“Whosoever will!” “Whosoever will!”
Hear, oh, hear that gracious, tender call!
None refused shall be,
Saving grace is free,
In the Saviour’s heart is room for all.

There is room for all,
There is room for all;
There is room of all who come!
Hear His welcome voice,
Make Him now your choice;
There is room for all who come.

Come just as you are, tho’ you’ve wandered far,
Tho your many sins your heart appall;
Calv’ry’s fount doth flow,
Washing white a s snow;
At the wondrous cross is room for all. [Refrain]

In that city bright, where doth come no night
And no tears of sorrow ever fall,
You may have a place
With the saved by grace;
In the Father’s house is room for all. [Refrain]