Why Are You Doubting And Fearing

Why are you doubting and fearing?
Why are you still under sin?
Have you not found that his grace doth abound?
He’s mighty to save; let him in.

Jesus is strong to deliver,
Mighty to save! Mighty to save!
Jesus is strong to deliver,
Jesus is mighty to save.

Say, are you weak, are you helpless,
Trying again and again?
This may be true, but it’s not what you do,
‘Tis he who is mighty to save.

When in my sorrow he found me,
Found me and bade me be whole;
Turned all my night into heavenly light,
And from me my burden did roll.

When in the tempest he hides me,
When in the storm he is near;
O’er the long way the Lord is my stay,
And now I have nothing to fear.