Why Are You Marching Along To War

Why are you marching along to war?
Soldiers true,
Who are you?
What is the cause you are fighting for?
Why are you never sad?
O we are only rank and file
Treading the path for many a mile;
Still, ev’ry face must bear a smile
For Jesus has made us glad.

We’ve enlisted in the cause victorious,
Of the everlasting Lord,
We are marching in the ranks all-glorious,
Resplendent with the shield and sword.
Christ is our Captain, Christ our might,
So we fight,
Seeking right;
Christ is leading us to light
In the all-victorious army.

Who are the foes that you fight withal,
Ye who stand,
Sword in hand?
Do you not fear in the strife to fall,
Struck by a deadly blow?
Strong are the foes that bar our way,
Many the sins we have to slay,
Still we shall rise and win the day,
Tho’ oft in the dust laid low. [Chorus]

What is the secret of your great pow’r,
Soldiers bright,
Full of might?
Why are you fearless in danger’s hour-
Strong with the foe to cope?
Jesus it is that makes us strong,
Trusting in Him we march along,
He ever fills our hearts with song,
Our eyes with the light of hope. [Chorus]

Where is the home you are marching to,
Hearts of youth,
Hearts of truth?
Is there a kingdom beyond the blue,
Where you may rest from strife?
Jesus has said that we shall stand,
Victors of faith at His right hand,
Crown’d in the light of God’s own land
With joy and eternal life. [Chorus]