Why Art Thou Cast Down My Soul O What

Why art thou cast down, my soul?
O what mean thy sighs and sadness?
Trust in Him who makes thee whole,
And thy griefs can turn to gladness,–
Often in the darkest hour
He reveals His love and power.

On this ground thy anchor cast;
Safe thou art, in Christ confiding;
All the griefs which here thou hast
Are but shadows unabiding.
Soon thy cross shall pass away,
Joy shall come that lasts for aye.

Christ’s own way is always good,
Christians find this consolation:
He who bought thee with His blood,
Now stands pledged for thy salvation.
Rest upon His sacred word–
That assurance doth afford!

Jesus gives us joy and tears,
Blessed be His name forever!
When thy way most dark appears,
Trust in Him, despond thou never;
Weary soul, when sore distressed,
Call on Him and be at rest.

Surely, narrow is the way
To the land of gladness yonder;
While on this sad earth we stay,
We must here as pilgrims wander,
Through the desert we must roam,
Till we Canaan reach, our home.

Upward, then, my weary soul,
Where the crown of life is given!
Pressing onward to the goal,
I shall win the bliss of heaven;
For, O Jesus, I am Thine,
Blest am I, for Thou art mine!