Why Art Thou Waiting Till Another Day

Why art thou waiting till another day,
Grieving the Saviour from thy heart away?
There is no refuge for the soul but he;
Wilt thou reject him, and a wanderer be?

One more message hast thou heard in vain?-
One more warning o’er thy life-time pass’d!-
What shall it profit, though the world thou gain,
If thou shalt lose thy soul at last?

Why art thou waiting and the door so near?
Why art thou turning from a friend so dear?
Think of the mercy he has bought for thee;
Wilt thou refuse it, and a wanderer be? [Refrain]

Why art thou waiting till another hour?
Break from the fetters of the tempter’s power;
Fly from the pleasures that are light as air,
Come to the shelter of the Saviour’s care. [Refrain]

Why art thou waiting when he bids thee come?
Why art thou staying from a father’s home?
Oh, there’s a welcome in that home for thee,
Wilt thou refuge is, and a wanderer be? [Refrain]