Why Do The Heathen Furious Rage

Why do the heathen furious rage,
And in such tumults join?
Why do the people madly storm,
And such vain schemes design?
The Gentile kings unite their strength,
And Israel’s priests contrive;
Against the Lord they bend their force,
Against his Christ they strive.

“Come say they, let us break their bands
Shall we them homage pay;
We’ll ne’er submit to their hard yoke,
We’ll cast their cords away.”
But he that sits in Heaven, beholds,
With a disdainful smile;
The Lord, their feeble strength derides,
Their malice, and their guile.

Then, in his wrath, he’ll speak aloud.
And thunder in their ears;
While hovering vengeance fills their souls,
With dreadful vexing fears.
“Know, mine anointed King, I’ve fix’d
On Zion’s sacred plot;
” ‘Tis my decree; thou art my Son,
This day I Thee begot.

“Ask me, I’ll give the heathen tribes
For thine inheritance;
Through utmost bounds of earth, thy sway
Shall gloriously advance.
“Thou shalt them crush, who dare rebel,
As with an iron rod;
Them, as a potter’s vessel, dashed,
In pieces spread abroad.”

Be wise, now, O ye kings, and hear.
Earth’s judges, his mild voice:
Serve ye the Lord with fear, before
Him tremble, and rejoice.
Kiss ye the Son, lest flaming wrath
You in your way surprise;
His wrath’s but kindling yet: they’re blest
Whose trust on him relies.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,