Why Do The Tribes And Nations Rage

Why do the tribes and nations rage
And form a vain design?
Kings of the earth do set themselves
and princes plotting join,
Against Jehovah and his Christ,
with one consent, and say,
“Let us asunder break their bands
and cast their cords away!”

But He ho sits in heaven will laugh,
The Lord will them deride;
In anger then to them He’ll speak,
in wrath to vex their pride.
“See I have set my king upon
Zion my holy hill,
And the immutable decree
Proclaim abroad I will.”

The Lord said, “Thou my Son, this day.
have I begotten thee!
Ask, and the nations I will give
thine heritage to be.
And of the earth thou shalt possess
The utmost coasts abroad;
Thy foes shalt break as potters ware,
and crush with iron rod.”

And now ye kings, be wise; be learned
ye who earth’s judges are;
Serve ye the LORD with reverence,
rejoice with trembling fear.
Kiss ye the Son, lest by his wrath
ye perish in our way:
When once his wrath a little burns,
blessed all that on him stay.

The Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs of the Old and New Testament,