Why Do You Stand So Far Away O Lord

Why do you stand so far away, O LORD?
Why do you hide yourself in troubled times?
In arrogance the wicked trap the poor;
they catch the weak in schemes they have devised.

The wicked boast about their hearts’ desires;
the covetous renounce and spurn the LORD.
In pride they see no need to seek for aid;
in all their thoughts they say, “There is no God.”

They prosper and in pride ignore your law;
at all their foes they only puff in scorn.
Within their hearts they think, “I am secure;
throughout my life my happiness is sure.”

Their mouths are filled with oaths and lies and threats;
beneath their tongues are evil thoughts and deeds.
They lie in ambush near the village street;
the innocent they murder and defeat.

The helpless one is crushed and trampled down;
another victim falls beneath their might.
At heart they think, “God has forgotten this;
he hides his face, so he will never see.”

Arise, O LORD, lift up your hand, O God!
Do not forget the helpless and the poor.
Why do the wicked proudly scoff at God
and say, “He will not call me to account”?

O God, you note injustice and distress
that you may take it all into your hands.
The helpless ones commit themselves to you,
for you give help to orphans and the poor.

O break the wicked evildoers’ arm!
Seek out the secret sin they try to hide.
The LORD is King through all eternity;
all sinful ones will perish from his land.

LORD, you will hear the longing of the meek;
strengthen their hearts, incline your ear to them.
You will defend the orphan and the poor
that evil ones may terrify no more.