Why Gloriest Thou In Injury

Why gloriest thou in injury
O might man of pow’r?
The goodness of almighty God
for ever does endure.
Thy tongue vents mischief which thy heart
devises wickedly;
And like a sharp’ned razor works
and wounds deceitfully.

Thou lovest evil more than good;
more to speak wrong, than right:
And in devouring words dost thou,
deceitful tongue, delight
God will for ever thee destroy,
will pull and pluck thee out
From thine own house; and from the land
of life, he will thee root. (Selah)

The righteous this shall also see,
with trembling in that day;
And yet with holy triumph then,
pointing at thee, shall say;
‘Lo! this the man that made not GOD
‘his strength; but trusted in
‘His store of riches, and himself,
‘ev’n strength’ned in his sin.

But in the house of GOD am I,
as a green olive tree;
And in the grace of GOD my trust
for evermore shall be.
Because thou this hast justly done,
I’ll praise thee evermore;
And on thy name will wait; for this
is good thy saints before.