Why Halt Ye Between Two Opinions

Why halt ye between two opinions,
O why not decide tonight?
You should not refuse the Savior to choose,
Is it darkness or is it the light?

O why not decide, dear friend, tonight,
O why not decide tonight?
Time speedeth away,
O do not delay,
But decide for thy Savior tonight.

Decide who you’ll serve, now dear brother,
There’s danger if you’ll delay;
If Christ is your choice, you may now rejoice
In the knowledge of sin washed away. [Refrain]

Come under the heavenly banner,
O come now, dear brother, tonight;
Decide for the Lord, ’twill bring its reward,
Henceforth, battle for truth and for right. [Refrain]

Why still undecided, dear brother,
There’s mercy from Him above;
Thy refuge is near, then why should you fear,
Who not trust in His grace and His love? [Refrain]