Why Have We Wandered From Jesus

Why have you wandered from Jesus so long,
List’ning, unmoved, to the gospel’s sweet song,
Slighting his mercy, so tender and true,
Wounding the heart that was broken for you?

Why have ye done this? why, oh, why?
Jesus is waiting to hear your reply;
Why will you longer his goodness deny,
Why, oh, why?

Why are you building on treacherous sand,
When on the Rock he invites you to stand?
Why in the desert have hungered for bread,
When he is calling, “come now, and be fed?” [Refrain]

Why in the bondage of Satan remain,
When Christ is able to break every chain?
Why further stray from the Father’s bright home?
Hasten to meet him, and nevermore roam. [Refrain]