Why Herod Unrelenting Foe

Why, Herod, unrelenting foe!
Doth Christ the Lord’s birth move thee so?
He doth no earthly kingdom crave;
Who unto us heav’n’s kingdom gave.

The star before the wise men goes,
This light to them the true Light shows;
They, by the three gifts which they bring,
Declare this Child: God, Man, and King.

He was baptized in Jordan’s flood,
The holy, heavenly Lamb of God,
And He, who did no sin, thereby
Cleansed us from all iniquity!

And now a miracle is done:
Six water pots are there of stone,
Christ speaks the word with power divine–
The water changes into wine.

All honor, praise to Thee be paid,
O Christ, born of the virgin maid,
With Father and with Holy Ghost,
Till time in endless time be lost.