Why Is Thy Harp On The Willow

Why is thy harp on the willow,
Child of the Father above?
Where is thy hope in his mercy?
Where is thy trust in his love?

Go to the arms of the Saviour,
Pillow thy head on his breast;
He will remove thy transgressions
Far as the east from the west.

Why is thy harp on the willow?
Hast thou no song for the Lord?
Think of each wonderful promise
Jesus has left in his Word. [Refrain]

Why is thy harp on the willow?
Why art thou troubled and tried?
Hast thou, o’ercome by the tempter,
Wandered away from thy Guide? [Refrain]

Wouldst thou return to thy duty,
Jesus will answer thy call;
If thou art truly repentant,
He will forgive thee for all. [Refrain]

Take now thy harp from the willow,
Sing the glad songs of the past;
Trust not thyself, but in Jesus,
Then shalt thou triumph at last. [Refrain]