Why My Soul Thus Trembling Ever

Why, my soul, thus trembling ever?
Have no fear;
Christ is near;
Naught from thee can sever.
Heaven is thine, and Christ shall own thee:
Faithful be
Until He
Shall with triumph crown thee.

Painful cross if He should send me,
Shall I faint
With complaint,
Lest the grief should end me?
He hath borne the cross before me:
Soon no pain
Shall remain,
Only peace be o’er me.

Hopeful, cheerful, and undaunted,
They appear
Who in Christ are planted:
Death itself cannot appall them:
They rejoice
When the voice
Of their Lord doth call them.

Death cannot destroy forever:
From our fears,
Cares and tears,
Soon shall it deliver.
Doors of grief and gloom it closes,
While the soul,
Free and whole,
With the saints reposes.

Lord, my Shepherd, take me to Thee!
I am Thine.
Thou art mine,
Even ere I knew Thee.
I am Thine, for Thou hast bought me:
Lost I stood,
But Thy blood
Free salvation brought me.

Thou art mine, and, for my guiding,
Be Thy bright
Shining light
In my heart abiding!
Savior dear! let me, attaining
To Thy side,
There abide,
With Thee ever reigning!