Why Need We Fret And Worry

Why need we fret and worry
When earthly ills increase?
The Lord hath made provision
To give us “perfect peace.”
His everlasting mercy
In Jesus making known,
We’ll sing when storms are raging,
Our Father’s on the throne.

Rejoice and sing, the Lord is King,
He careth for his own;
His name is love who reigns above,
Our Father’s on the throne.

Our hands could never manage
The least of our affairs;
But he who holds the lightnings
Still counts our very hairs.
Let Jesus lift our burdens,
Our hearts on him be staid,
For on his mighty shoulders
The government is laid. [Refrain]

Beyond our little circle,
Life’s narrow hopes and fears,
The Master’s world-wide kingdom
To loving eyes appears.
His precious, blood-bought banner
Shall float from zone to zone,
Till his redeemed are gathered;
Our Father’s on the throne. [Refrain]