Why Not Tell Your Every Care To Jesus

Why not tell your ev’ry care to Jesus,
Ev’ry trial, ev’ry sorrow of your heart?
He’s the one and all-sufficient Saviour,
He, alone, has healing balm for ev’ry smart.

Then why not tell Him, tell Him all?
Oh why not tell the Saviour all?
For He alone can understand our trials,
Why not tell the Saviour all?

Oh, how many hearts are bowed with sorrow,
Just because they do not tell Him all their need;
Oh, how many carry needless burdens,
While the Saviour waits to be a friend indeed. [Refrain]

He will satisfy the soul that trusts Him,
And will banish ev’ry cloud of doubt and fear;
Thro’ the storm and tempest He will guide us,
With His tender love will comfort, bless and cheer. [Refrain]