Why O God Thy People Spurn

Why, O God! thy people spurn?
Why permit thy wrath to burn?
God of mercy! turn once more;
All our broken hearts restore.

Thou has made our land to quake,
Heal the sorrows thou didst make;
Bitter is the cup we drink,
Suffer not our souls to sink.

Be thy banner now unfurled,
Show thy truth to all the world;
Save us, Lord, we cry to thee,
Lift thine arm–thy chosen free.

Give us now relief from pain–
Humain aid is all in vain:
We, through God, shall yet prevail,
He will help when foes assail.

Sing we to our God above
Praise eternal as his love;
Praise him, all ye heavenly host–
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost–