Why O My Heart These Anxious Cares

Why, O my heart, these anxious cares
Why these tumultuous sick’ning fears?
Why thus all pensive and forlorn,
Dost thou thy thick’ning troubles mourn,

When threat’ning storms around thee rise
And louring tempest spread the skies,
On God, my soul, thy burden cast,
And seek in him a peaceful rest.

If falshood and deciet abound,
And envy’s darts in secret wound,
If earthly springs of comfort dry,
And ev’ry blooming joy should die;

Silent I’ll bear thy chast’ning rod,
Thy just displeasure, O my GOD!
On thee I’ll wait with eager eyes,
To thee my pray’r with hope shall rise.

Yes, I shall hear thy cheering voice;
In thee my soul shall yet rejoice;
Thou wilt reveal thy smiling face,
And hence these gloomy horrors chace,

Thou art my Saviour, thou my GOD!
Thy grace will I proclaim aborad;
That grace which bears my guilt away,
And turns the blackest night to day.