Why Say Ye Not A Word

Why say ye not a word
Of bringing back the King?
Why speak ye not of Jesus and His reign?
Why tell ye of His kingdom,
And of its glories sing,
But nothing of His coming back again?

Bringing back the King,
Oh, bringing back the King!
The angel choirs of heav’n their hallelujahs sing,
Bringing back the King.
Oh, bringing back the King!
Ye ransomed, let your joyous welcome ring!

Dost thou not want to look
Upon His loving face?
Dost thou not want to see Him glorified?
Would’st thou not hear His welcome,
And in the very place,
Where years ago we saw Him crucified? [Refrain]

O hark! creation’s groans,
How can they be assuaged?
How can our bodies know redemptive joy?
How can the war be ended
In which we are engaged,
Until He come the lawless to destroy? [Refrain]

Come quickly, blessed Lord,
Our hearts a welcome hold!
How long to see creation’s second birth;
The promise of Thy coming
To some is growing cold,
O hasten Thy returning back to earth. [Refrain]