Why Should A Living Man Complain

Why should a living man complain
Of deep distress within,
Since every sigh, and every pain,
Is but the fruit of sin?

No, Lord, I’ll patiently submit,
Nor ever dare rebel;
Yet sure I may, here at thy feet,
My painful feelings tell.

Thou seest what floods of sorrow rise,
And beat upon my soul;
One trouble to another cries,
Billows on billows roll,

From fear to hope, and hope to fear,
My shipwreck’d soul is tost;
Till I am tempted, in despair,
To give up all for lost.

Yet through the stormy clouds I’ll look,
Once more to thee, my God:
O fix my soul upon a rock,
Beyond the gaping flood.

One look of mercy from thy face
Will set my heart at ease;
One all-commanding word of grace,
Will make the tempest cease.