Why Should I Be A Slave To Sin

Why should I be a slave to sin,
To foes without or foes within?
Sometimes I mount, sometimes cast down,
Sometimes all smile, sometimes all frown.

There’s victory for me! There’s victory for me!
Through the blood of the Lamb there is victory for me;
He came to set his people free
And give them perfect victory.

Sin will abound till grace comes in,
Then grace shall triumph over sin;
Just now, dear Saviour, let it be,
Now give me perfect victory.

Be thou my strength, be thou my all,
Then surely I shall never fall;
If none can pluck me from thy hand,
I more than conqueror shall stand.

‘Tis true I have no room to boast;
When most I’m saved I’m humbled most;
Kept low by grace, and not by sin,
My soul shall make her boast in him.