Why Should I Rebel When The Cross Is Har

Why should I rebel when the cross is hard to bear?
Why repine in sorrow or tremble with despair?
Jesus still is with me, His promises are sure,
And thro’out the ages forever shall endure.

I will never leave thee;
Sorrow shall not grieve thee;
In my arms I’ll hold thee and wipe thy tears away.
I will not forsake thee,
Foes shall not o’ertake thee;
I, the Lord, will keep thee secure against that day.

When the day is darkest, and trouble billows roll,
Sweetly this assurance comes stealing o’er my soul:-
“I am He that liveth! Hope on, nor be afraid!
Trust in Me for refuge, and be thou not dismayed!” [Refrain]

Tho’ He send me trials, ’tis but to make me strong,
And the fiery furnace shall echo with my song;
In my weakness He will give strength for ev’ry day,
Loving, guiding, keeping, sustaining all the way. [Refrain]

Some day I shall see Him to know Him as He is;
Some day I shall feel my hand closely held in His;
Then with all the loved ones who’ve journeyed on before,
In His presence I shall rejoice forevermore. [Refrain]