Why Should My Heart Feel So Dismayed

Why should my heart feel so dismay’d,
And harbour such distress?
My debt of sin the Saviour paid,
Who is my righteousness.

Though Satan with his tempests toss
My soul into dismay;
I look to Jesus on the Cross
To drive my fears away.

I need not dread the Tempter’s force,
Nor all that he can do:
Since I have refuge and recourse,
And place of safety too.

I must confess I ought to be
Disowned by my God;
But Christ my Saviour died for me,
And bought me with his blood.

His merits I do humbly claim,
Thereon my soul relies;
Not sin or Satan can condemn,
When Jesus justifies.

From ev’ry guilt and ev’ry stain
His blood can make me clean:
For Christ who died and rose again,
Subdues the pow’r of sin.