Why Should My Soul Feel So Dismayed

Why should my soul feel so dismay’d,
Or yield to doubts and slavish fear;
What e’er my God on me hath laid,
He will enable me to bear.

I shall not sink beneath the load,
Or perish in the dreadful storm:
My hope and trust is to my God,
Who is it then can do me harm?

Tho’ many doubts and fears arise,
Like as a fierce destructive blast,
And overwhelm me with surprize,
They must be hush’d and laid at last.

Afflictions like a burning lake,
May fill my soul with fear and pain;
My trust and confidence to shake,
Yet shall my trust in God remain.

To God the mighty Lord I call,
When floods of trouble do prevail,
And humbly to his feet I fall,
Whose help tome shall never fail.

Am I be all my friends forgot,
And left unto myself alone:
My blessed Lord forgets me not,
Who lets me know I am his own.

Almighty Saviour I am thine,
I give myself, my all to thee:
O make me willing to resign,
To all that thou dost lay on me.