Why Should Our Mourning Thoughts Delight

Why should our mourning thoughts delight,
To grovel in the dust?
Or why should streams of tears unite,
Around th’ expiring just?

Did not the Lord our Saviour die,
And triumph o’er the grave?
Did not our Lord ascend on high,
And prove his power to save?

Doth not the sacred Spirit come,
And dwell in all the saints?
And should the temples of his grace,
Resound with long complaints?

Awake, my soul, and like the sun,
Burst thro’ each sable cloud;
And thou, my voice, tho’ broke with sighs,
Tune forth thy songs aloud.

The spirit rais’d my Saviour up,
When he had bled for me;
And spite his deat and hell shall raise
Thy pious friends and thee.