Why Should Sorrow Ever Grieve Me

Why should cross and trial grieve me?
Christ is near
with his cheer;
never will he leave me.
Who can rob me of the heaven
that God’s Son
for my own
to my faith hath given?

God oft gives me days of gladness;
shall I grieve
if he give
seasons, too, of sadness?
God is good and tempers ever
all my ill,
and he will
wholly leave me never.

Death cannot destroy forever;
from our fears,
cares, and tears
it will us deliver.
It will close life’s mournful story;
make a way
that we may
enter heav’nly glory.

Lord, my Shepherd, take me to thee.
Thou art mine;
I was thine,
even ere I knew thee.
I am thine, for thou hast bought me;
lost I stood,
but thy blood
free salvation brought me.

Thou art mine; I love and own thee.
Light of joy,
ne’er shall I
from my heart dethrone thee.
Savior, let me soon behold thee
face to face;
may thy grace
evermore enfold me.