Why Should The Pilgrims Here Contend

Why should the pilgrims here contend,
Or censure what each other thinks
When righteousness is never found
In holy days, in meats or drinks.

‘Tis those that love the Lord the most,
And walk with meekness of the Lamb,
That serve the great Redeemer best,
And must promote his heavenly fame.

‘Tis not a zeal for modes and forms,
That spreads the gospel truths abroad,
But he whose inward man reforms,
And loves the saints, and loves the Lord.

A new commandment he has given,
That christians should be join’d in love,
And those the best advance to heav’n,
That most are like the heavenly dove.

Then let the saint forbear to rage
About those circumstantial loves,
And ev’ry heart and soul engage
To spread the vitals of the cause.