Why Should We Weep For Those Who Die

Why should we weep for those who die,
Those blessed ones who weep no more?
Jesus hath call’d them to the sky,
And gladly have they gone before.

A few short days they linger’d here,
Th’appointed span of trial knew;
Dropp’d–early dropp’d the parting tear,
And early now have parted too.

Up, up, in swift ascent, they rise
Star after star of living light!
Why should we mourn that midnight skies
Become with added glories bright?

Far in the distant heavens they shine,
But still with borrow’d lustre glow;
Saviour, the beams are only Thine,
Of saints above, or saints below.

For them no bitter tear we shed–
Their night of pain and grief is o’er–
But weep our lonely path to tread,
And see the forms we loved, no more.