Why Stand Ye Here All The Day Idle I Pra

Why stand ye here all day idle, I pray?
Go into my vineyard and labor today;
The harvest is plenteous but lab’rers are few,
Then haste ye away, there’s employment for you.

Standing idle!
Go labor today;
Go into my vineyard;
Haste, haste ye away.

Too much of your time has already been lost;
The world and its pleasures, ah! dearly they cost.
Why tarry ye longer? Be up and away,
And that which is right for thy wages I’ll pay. [Refrain]

The harvest is passing and soon will be o’er;
The gracious entreaty ye’ll hear then no more.
Ah! sad the reflection on mem’ry engraved,
“The summer is ended, and I am not saved.” [Refrain]