Why Those Fears Behold Tis Jesus

Why those fears? Behold, ’tis Jesus
Holds the helm and guides the ship:
Spread the sails, and catch the breezes
Sent to waft us through the deep;
To the regions
Where the mourners cease to weep.

Though the shore we hope to land on
Only by report is known,
Yet we freely all abandon,
Led by that report alone;
And with Jesus
Through the trackless deep move on.

Led by that, we brave the ocean;
Led by that, the storms defy;
Calm amidst tumultuous motion,
Knowing that our Lord in nigh:
Waves obey Him,
And the storms before Him fly.

O what pleasures there await us:
There the tempests cease to rear;
There it is that those who hate us
Can molest our peace no more;
Trouble ceases
On that tranquil happy shore.