Why Was I Unbelieving

Why was unbelieving i,
Trembling, so afraid to die?
Now my Feet in safety stand,
here within the promis’d Land.

O what wond’rous Grace is here!
Now I’m safe from ev’ry Fear;
Sin and Doubts are ever gone,
Sighing shall no more be known.

Henceforth neither Grief nor Pain,
Here successive Pleasures reign;
All Things our Hosannas raise,
O the Glories of this Place!

O ye perfect happy Ones,
Let me try to join your Tunes!
Come, let us exalt the lamb,
Singing ever to his Name.

He our full Redemption wrought,
He for us this Glory bought;
From the Earth he calls us Home,
To our Father’s House we’re come.

Oft in Kedar’s Tents I try’d,
When his lovely FAce was hid,
With my Friends to raise this Song:
But it languish’d on my Tongue.

Jesus now unveils his Face;
Here I shout of sov’reign Grace;
Fill’d with Love, incessant cry
To his Praise in Raptures high.

O my drooping Friends below,
Did you half this Glory know,
Daily would ye stretch the wing
Here to fly, and thus to sing.