Why Will Ye Die When Promised Life Etern

Why will ye die, when promised life eternal, –
When from thy guilt Christ offers thee release?
Why will ye choose the ways of sin and folly,
When wisdom’s paths are pleasantness and peace?

Why will ye die? Why will ye die?
Jesus is asking, – lost one, reply;
Just as I am, thou dying Lamb,
Take me, and save me, just as I am.

Why will ye die, when bread is given freely, –
When without price ye all may buy and eat?
Why will ye faint beside the flowing fountain, –
Why taste his wrath, when pardon is so sweet? [Chorus]

Why will ye die, when for thy full redemption
Jesus, thy Saviour, died upon the cross?
Why will ye turn from gifts of endless value,
Trying to grasp earth’s emptiness and dross? [Chorus]

Why will ye die beneath your heavy burdens,
When Jesus calls, “Come unto me and rest?”
Light is the burden of his loving kindness;
Easy the yoke of service he hath blest! [Chorus]