Why Will You Roam

Why will you roam far from your home,
Over the dark mountain’s brow?
Why will you die? Jesus is nigh.
Waiting to save you now.

Waiting, he’s waiting,
Grieve him no more away:
Waiting, waiting.
Why will you longer stay?

Come as you are, burdened with care,
Lonely and sorrow-oppressed;
Why do you fear? Jesus is here,
Waiting to give you rest. [Refrain]

Grace if you spurn where will you turn?
What will become of your soul?
Haste while you may, do not delay,
Jesus will make you whole. [Refrain]

Waiting he stands, reaching his hands,
Freely his blessing to give;
Only believe, ask and receive,
Look unto him and live. [Refrain]