Wild The Storm Wind Dark The Night

Wild the storm wind, dark the night,
Drifts the sea upon the shoal,
Look, a periled bark in sight,
Lo! a lost and found’ring soul.

Speed the life boat! bend the oar!
Swiftly to his rescue fly!
See him struggling far from shore!
Throw the life line ere he die!

Yes, I hear a crying soul,
Battling with the storm and wave;
Deeper yet the billows roll;
Who will haste that soul to save? [Chorus]

In the name of Jesus, go;
With His word of truth and grace,
Some sweet promise to him throw,
Bid him Jesus’ word embrace. [Chorus]

Speed the life boat! raise the cry,
“Battle on ‘gainst wind and tide”;
Signal to him “help is nigh,”
Bid him trust the Crucified. [Chorus]