Will Jesus Wait Outside The Door

Will Jesus wait outside the door
Of my poor sinful heart?
Or shall I hear His voice no more;
Will He from me depart?

Come in, come in, O Christ, come in,
The door stands open wide,
Come in, and cleanse my heart from sin,
And with me, Lord, abide.

So many years I’ve lived in sin,
And let Him knock in vain,-
Refused to let the Saviour in,
The Lamb for sinners slain. [Refrain]

I’ve heard His voice, His gentle call,
As from the heav’ns above;
Pleading that I surrender all,
And trust His tender love. [Refrain]

I will surrender to my Lord,
I’ll keep Him out no more;
This day my heart shall trust His word
And open wide the door. [Refrain]