Will You Be Ready To Welcome Your Savior

Will you be ready to welcome your Savior
As you behold Him descend from above,
Robed in white garments of infinite beauty?
Will you be spotless, your heart filled with love?

Will you be ready to go,
Will you be ready to go?
If the Lord should call for you today,
Will you be ready, be ready to go?

Will His returning to you mean a blessing,
Or will His coming o’erwhelm you with woe?
Will you be trusting, and His name confessing,
Anxiously waiting and ready to go? [Refrain]

Jesus has promised His joint heir to make me,
If I am faithful to Him here below;
All will be well, since to Him He will take me,
Strong in His grace, I’ll be ready to go. [Refrain]