Will You Come To Jesus With Your Guilt A

Will you come to Jesus with your guilt and sadness?
Will you lay your burdens at His blessed feet?
In His holy presence find abiding gladness,
As His words of pardon bring you comfort sweet.

Come now to Jesus, turn from sin away;
Hark! He is calling! come without delay.
Come now to Jesus, come now to Jesus,
Come now to Jesus, come today.

Freely come to Jesus, unto Him confessing
How in evil pathways you have wandered long;
With divine compassion He will grant His blessing
To each soul repenting of its shame and wrong. [Refrain]

Come, O come to Jesus kinder that a brother
You will find the sinner’s true and loving friend;
Seek His offered mercy, trusting in no other;
He alone can save and keep you till the end. [Refrain]