Will You Do What You Can For The Masters

Will you do what you can for the Master’s cause,
Will you help to rescue the lost in sin?
Will you gird on the armor and go with pray’r
That you may some soul from destruction win?

Yes, I’ll gladly word for Jesus,
Who gave His life upon the tree;
I will never grow aweary
Until His smiling face I see.

You have tasted the sweets of the Savior’s love,
You have felt the gladness of sins forgiv’n;
Will you do what you can other souls to win,
Pointing them to joys that await in heav’n? [Refrain]

Will you do what you can for the wanderer,
Who has left the way that the Master trod?
Will you scatter the rays of the light divine,
That may lead the prodigal back to God? [Refrain]