Will You Give Yourself To Jesus

Will you give yourself to Jesus,
Ever more His child to be?
For He gave His life so precious,
Died upon the cross for Thee.

Will you give yourself to Jesus,
All His own to ever be?
Will you love and trust the Saviour?
For He died to make you free.

Will you give your voice to Jesus,
Speak and sing for Him alone?
‘Tis for you the voice of Jesus
Pleadeth now before the throne. [Refrain]

Will you give your hands to Jesus,
Works of love for Him to do?
His dear hands were sorely wounded,
On the cross were nailed for you. [Refrain]

Will you give your feet to Jesus?
Willing errands for Him go?
Of the Master’s feet were weary
As He trod the earth below. [Refrain]

All your love, your heart’s best service,
Will you give them glad and free?
All the riches of His Kingdom
Now He freely offers thee. [Refrain]