Will You Heed The Divine Invitation

Will you heed the divine invitation,
O hearken to heavenly love,
And take of the cup of salvation,
And taste the new life from above?
The Spirit hath pleaded so often,
Oh, how can you longer delay?
May love of the Saviour now soften
The heart that hath wandered away!

O heart that hath wandered away,
Return to thy Saviour today!
The promise is not for tomorrow,
Return to thy Saviour today!

Do you think of the sins you’ve committed,
The wages your folly has earned,
The patience and love unremitted,
Which you have so ruthlessly spurned?
The “portion of goods” you have squandered,
The losses you fain would repay,
They call to the heart that has wandered,
Return! O return while ’tis day! [Refrain]

In that far away country you’re feeding,
On husks that the world gives for bread;
While voices from home are still pleading,
“Come share in our plenty instead!”
O heart, are you weary of straying,
And worn with your wearisome quest?
Come back to the Lord as we’re praying,
For He is a haven of rest. [Refrain]