Will You Join The White Robed Throng

Will you join the white-robed throng?
To that host do you belong?
Will you sing redemption’s song
Round the throne?

I shall join that white-robed throng
To that host I do belong,
I shall sing redemption’s song,
At the throne.

There the Lamb is all the light,
‘Tis His blood that gives the right
To that home of glory bright,
At the throne. [Refrain]

There they walk with Him in white,
They were victors in the fight,
Now their faith is changed to sight,
At the throne. [Refrain]

On their foreheads is His name,
They thro’ tribulation came,
Here on earth they shared His shame,
Now His throne. [Refrain]

There no night obscures the day,
For the curse has passed for aye,
God shall wipe all tears away,
From His throne. [Refrain]