Will You Not Be A Reaper To Gather Golde

Will you not be a reaper, to gather golden grain,
To be held for the garner in the sky?
“He that goeth forth with weeping,” but “bearing precious seed,
Shall come again rejoicing by and by.”

Will you not be a reaper, to gather for the Master,
Some precious seed tho’ small the measure be?
‘Twill bring thee joy for weeping, while in the Saviour’s keeping;
And soon the golden harvest yon shall see.

Now the Lord of the harvest is calling unto thee,
Saying “come, and thy labor I’ll repay,”
Get thee up at early morning to gather in the sheaves,
And brightest joy shall crown the closing day. [Refrain]

There are fields all around you that teem with ripened grain,
Precious souls you may rescue from the blast;
Tarry not until the morrow, for chilling winds may blow,
No need for reapers when the harvest’s past. [Refrain]